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We are very proud to present our first open English Tour on September 15, 3 pm. That’s why we browsed a little bit through the English coverage on homeless people. A small news article in „The Independent“ congratulated Jonathan Owen, who won an „international award“ for his report on becoming homeless fast (December 2012). As we wanted to learn more about this award, we searched a bit more and found a nice „storify“ on the site of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP), which held its 2013 conference in Munich in August. „The Economist“ wrote early this year on the phenomenon of street papers and used Germany as an example: „Germany has 19 such periodicals, with combined annual sales of 4m.“.

As you can see on our media page, querstadtein also received English press coverage from „Al Jazeera English“ to „Spiegel Online International“. We think it is a good thing that the media and the web is not completely forgetting the perspective of the people sleeping on our streets, in our cities, migrating through a continent which is very rich in some parts and very poor in others – homelessness is aggravated by income disparities in Europe, as „Spiegel Online International“ underlines, „no law, no matter how strict, will be able to stop people from emigrating“. One more reason to carry on with our querstadtein-project.

Screenshot: Al Jazeera English

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