The participant fees make querstadtein possible. This way we can pay the city guides an expense allowance and finance our office. However, the contributions listed below only cover a part of our costs. You can find more information in our FAQ.

As of May 01, 2022, we are raising our participation fees a bit. We decided to do this with a heavy heart, because after 2 years of pandemic and the rising costs, the financial pressure is also increasing for us. We sincerely hope that you can and will continue to support the work of querstadtein with your contribution despite the increase.

Single tickets

You can find individual tickets and vouchers for the open city tours in our online shop.

Regular ticket: 17,50 EUR I reduced: 13,50 EUR*

Children up to 10 years attending the tour with their families do not need to purchase a ticket.

*The reduced price applies to schoolchildren, students, those engaged in national or community service, pensioners and welfare recipients.

**Your support makes it possible for us to keep exploring the streets of Berlin and Dresden on the long term. It also allows us to offer reduced prices to people with fewer opportunities. You can read more about this in our FAQ.

Group bookings

The paticipation fees apply to bookings made after 01 May 2022. 

School classes, students, volunteer services, small NGOs and private groups

Tourprice: 185 EUR**

Larger NGOs and institutions, as well as supporters

Tourprice: 280 to 300 EUR*


Beitrag pro Tour: 300 bis 500 EUR*

In order to keep a minimum distance to avoid the spreading of corona-virus, we allow a maximum of 12 to 15 participants per city tour. Bigger groups will split in smaller groups and take different routes.*

Digitale Formate

*If a group of up to 20 people needs to split in smaller groups, we can offer you a special price for the second tour if needed. You can ask us for a special price in the comment box of the booking request. We will find a solution together.

** If needed, we can offer a special price for schoolchildren, students, volunteers and welfare recipients. As this reduced fees are not enough to cover our costs, we trust you to ask for this offer only if you need it. You can let us know in the comment box of the booking request as well.

General information: According to the § 4 Nr. 22a UStG (German VAT Act) we do not charge any VAT.