The city tours of querstadtein show a cosmopolitan, diverse Dresden. Tour guides who have experienced forced migration, present locations that are important to them in their new hometown and explain how „arriving” felt to them.

What is the experience of people arriving in Germany as asylum seekers? Why does someone risk his life on the run when there is no war in his homeland? And what do people with experience of forced migration see when they walk through Dresden? All these questions can be asked by tour participants to the city tour guide.

Our city tours are about individual perspectives. The tour guides are engaged political educators and invite you to see the city with different eyes.

Lina fled Daraa in Syria in October of 2015 and since has been living in Dresden.  She talkes about places of arrival, encounters and faith on her tours of Neustadt.

The tour leads through Dresden Neustadt
Duration: 2 Stunden
Language: German
Place: Dresden Neustadt
Barrier-free: Yes