Logo Initiative Transparente ZivilgesellschaftTransparency is very important to us, therefor we decided to join the Transparent Civil Society Initiative. On the initiative of Transparency International Deutschland e.V., organizations from civil society and science got together in 2010 and jointly defined ten criteria that every civil society organization should make available to the public. More than 1800 organizations have already joined the initiative, we are happy to be part of it.


We undertake to make the following ten pieces of information available to the public and to keep them up to date:

Ten transparency informations for the public

1. name, registered office, address and year of foundation

2. complete articles of incorporation as  well as information on the organizational goals

3. information on tax benefits

  • our work is tax-privileged and exempt from trade tax due to the promotion of
    • charitable purposes
    • Art and culture (§ 52 Abs. 2 Satz 1 Nr. 5 AO)
    • education (§ 52 Abs. 2 Satz 1 Nr. 7 AO)

4. name and function of key decision-makers

  • honorary members of the board: Katrin Elsemann, Nandita Wegehaupt und Marvin Wiek (the members of the board are elected by the general meeting for 2 years)
  • executive director/special representative: Jennifer Fielding
  • for the team

5. activity reports

6. employee structure as of January 1, 2024

  • three honorary members of the board
  • four part-time positions (2.9 full-time equivalent positions)
  • one volunteer (“Bundesfreiwilligendienst”)
  • three mini-job tour guides
  • nine honorary tour guides
  • ap. 15 volunteers for the tours
  • for the team

7. information on the source of funds

8. information on the use of funds

9. corporate affiliation with third parties

  • there are no corporate affiliations with third parties

10. names of people whose annual payments are more than 10% of the total annual budget

  • in 2022:
    • Deutsche Postcode Lotterie (project grants)
    • There were no individuals who donated more than 10% of the total annual income
  • in 2021:
    • Deutsche Stiftung für Engagement und Ehrenamt (project grants)
    • Deutsche Postcode Lotterie (project grants)
    • There were no individuals who donated more than 10% of the total annual income

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