Read and be read: Notes from Tehran and Neukölln
Read and be read: Notes from Tehran and Neukölln
2 hours
German / English
Reduced barriers:
Recommended age:
from age 16
The city tour starts at Hohenstaufenplatz, leads along Weserstraße and Sonnenalle to Hermannplatz and ends at Jacobi Cemetery.

Popular trendy district or Berlin’s “lost district”? Neukölln seems full of contradictions. Equally contradictory and difficult to understand for many in the West seems Iran and its capital Tehran. Salome’s tour is about how we read other people and how are we read. She invites us into the everyday life of urban realities in Berlin and Iran. She goes through streets and places in Neukölln that are passed by thousands of people every day and shares her interpretation of them with you. What do bookshops tell us about the mutual understanding between East and West? What does a theatre have to say about parallel worlds? Or a ruined petrol station about the reasons for migration and global power relations?  Salome’s tour promotes a more differentiated view through lived realities that give places their colours.


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