Neukölln, my anchor
Neukölln, my anchor
2 hours
Reduced barriers:
Recommended age:
from 15 years
The tour starts behind the Ankerklause, goes along Kottbusser Damm and Sonnenallee, and ends at the Neukölln Citizen Office.

How does it feel to arrive in a new country barely able to talk to anyone? Abuhanna Muosa experienced this in 2015 when he came to Berlin from the Syrian port city of Latakia. Today, nine years later, he himself guides groups through Neukölln. Participants see through his eyes places connected to his early days in Berlin such as the Refugio, the first place here he discovered for himself.  They learn how the housing project, along with the café and the contact to the community contributed to his personal well-being and integration. At the Citizens’ Office, he relates to the group the challenges he faces due to his subsidiary protection status. In Sonnenallee, the so-called ‘Arab street’, the group is encouraged to try to navigate shops and cafes without having proficient knowledge of the language to experience for themselves the challenges and disorientation this poses.

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